Duration of study

The Interdisciplinary Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program (IIPP)”Materials Science and Technology” lasts three (3) semesters. During the first two semesters of the postgraduate programme the graduate student attends mandatory courses, as well as selections of mandatory courses.

The latter are selected from two streams: Flow A “Materials Science” and Flow B “Technology of Materials “. Flow A combines the subjects “Production- Structure-Properties-Applications’ from a scientific point of view, while Flow B mainly highlights their technological aspects.

The graduate student is required to successfully attend seven classes per semester. The first and second semesters have 13 weeks of compulsory attendance and both include 310 hours of teaching. During the third semester the preparation of the research postgraduate thesis is taking place.

The maximum duration of attendance is two (2) years. Exceptionally, in specific cases a small extension can be given to one (1) additional semester, following a justified decision by the Special Interdepartmental Committee (SIC).

In both two courses flows of the programme, “Materials Science” and “Technology of Materials” lessons are offered by a wide range of relevant areas of knowledge. A wide range of elements from the natural sciences and engineering are combined in such a way as to cover the complexity of the materials science field through an interdisciplinary approach and a particular scientific composition. The option to select courses from both courses flows renders the Interdisciplinary Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of increased openness and flexibility and meets a wide range of already declared interests and needs.

Program of Studies 2015/2016

Mandatory Courses

Basic laboratory exercises of materials Teaching Staff
Technological Materials
Α. Metallic Materials
Β. Polymeric Materials
Γ. Ceramic Materials (my courses)
Γ. Φούρλαρης
Λ. Ζουμπουλάκης
Α. Τσετσέκου
Solid State Physics and Chemistry Μ. Μπουρουσιάν

Flow A "Materials Science"

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Κ. Μασαβέτας
Electrochemical Methods And Microscopy Methods Γ. Φούρλαρης, Δ. Υφαντής
Structure and Mechanical Properties of Materials Κ. Χαριτίδης, Β. Κεφαλάς
Structure and Properties of Semiconductors

A. Structure of Semiconductors
B. Properties of Semiconductors
Ζ. Λοΐζος
Κ. Δέρβος
Economics of materials and logistics (my courses) Σ. Τσιβιλής, Λ. Ζουμπουλάκης
Computational methods in Materials Science (my courses Τμημα Β) Ε. Θεοτόκογλου, Σ. Σιέττος

Flow B “ Technology of Materiasl”

Manufacturing of Materials Δ. Μανωλάκος, Α. Μαρκόπουλος
Dynamic mechanical properties of materials – rheology Π. Ταραντίλη
Technology of advanced polymers and composites
Tutorial Classes (6 in total, 9 teaching hours)
Λ. Ζουμπουλάκης, Ι. Σιμιτζής,
Σ. Σούλης (ΕΔΙΠ)
Technology of construction materials  (mycourses)
Α. Science & Technology of cements, mortars and concrete
Β. Science & Technology of insulation, liquid-insulating and sound-proofing materials
Σ. Τσίμας, Κ. Τσακαλάκης, E. Μπαδογιάννης,
Η. Ζαχαρόπουλος, Α. Σωτηροπούλου, Γ. Βλάχος (ΕΕΠ)
Technology of advanced ceramic materials  (mycourses) Χ. Αργυρούσης, Α. Τσετσέκου, Κ. Κορδάτος
Physical Metallurgy  (mycourses) Δ. Παντελής, Γ. Φούρλαρης

Note: Courses take place only during morning hours. Each course has three hours of teaching per week except from the mandatory course “Basic Laboratory Exercises of Materials” that has six hours of teaching per week.

Mandatory Courses

Wear and protection of materials (mycourses) Α. Καραντώνης, Γ. Μπατής, Δ. Υφαντής
Advanced laboratory exercises of materials Διάφοροι διδάσκοντες
Seminars Διάφοροι διδάσκοντες

Flow B “ Technology of Materials”

Mechanics of fracture Β. Βαδαλούκα, Γ. Παπαδόπουλος
Mechanics of composite materials Ν. Τσούβαλης
Surface treatments of materials Δ. Μανωλάκος, Δ. Παπαδημητρίου
Composition, production processes and nanomaterials Κ. Χαριτίδης
Welding (mycourses) Δ. Παντελής, Γ. Φούρλαρης
Market Research (mycourses) Σ. Τσιβιλής, Λ. Ζουμπουλάκης
Biomechanics Ν. Τσουκιάς, Κ. Χαριτίδης

Note: Courses take place only during morning hours. Each course has three hours of teaching per week except from the mandatory course “Advanced Laboratory Exercises of Materials” that has six hours of teaching per week.

Research postgraduate thesis Supervisor

Note: The programming of the research work is carried out after the initial consultation by the supervisor.